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Editor Geoffrey Hall barrister

Beware of personal injury lawyers advertising their services. Medical Negligence needs experienced specialists. We have reported medical negligence cases for over 25 years and recommend these Solicitors:

Armstrong Foulkes (Middlesborough)

Attwaters Jameson Hill (Hertford)

Freeth Cartwright (Nottingham)

Gadsby Wicks (Chelmsford)

Keeble Hawson (Sheffield)

Leigh Day (London)

Longden Walker & Renney (Sunderland)

Preston Goldburn (Falmouth)

Stone Rowe Brewer LLP (Twickenham)

Thomson Snell & Passmore (Tunbridge Wells)


Todd and Others v Pegado MLC 2134

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust v TR (By His Litigation Friend The Official Solicitor) MLC 2133

Chen v Ross MLC 2114

R (Tracey) v Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust And Others MLC 2103

Coakley v Rosie MLC 2106


Redrafted Medical Innovation Bill (House of Lords) is still rubbish!
Geoffrey Hall, Barrister

Palpation of peripheral pulses on A&E presentation
Geoffrey Hall barrister

Syntocinon cleared of brain damage causation
Geoffrey Hall barrister

Why choose a specialist?
Armstrong Foulkes

Victim of a medical accident? Check out pro bono - not all lawyers are "fat cats"!
Geoffrey Hall barrister

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